September 11, 2015 -

Are Your Kids Ever Scared of Halloween?

Do your kids love the creepy factor of Halloween, or do the scary parts of Halloween – well, scare your little ones?  If your child falls in to the category of “Halloween kinda scares me!” – it can be tricky (ha! no pun intended!) to avoid the creepy factor.  In fact, this dilemma is part of the reason why we at Switch Witch set out to create a children’s Halloween product and tradition that truly feels like it’s for kids!

Year after year I searched for children’s Halloween books that felt age appropriate for young kids, and year after year I was disappointed.  The illustrations were always way too creepy for my toddlers – or even for the first graders I was teaching!  And don’t get me started on witch dolls!  Yikes.  That’s why our original little Switch Witch dolls are adorable and soft and cuddly.

So how do your kids feel about the scarier aspects of Halloween?  Do your kiddos seek out the thrilling cobwebs and goblins, or do they make a face that says: “How dare you let me look at that”?!

Also, have you found other great products out there for Halloween that are sweet or cute – in other words: truly made for young kids!?  We would love to hear about them!

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