September 21, 2015 -

Have You Ordered Your Switch Witch for Halloween?

October 1st is only ten days away!  Why are we mentioning October 1st?!  “What’s the big deal??” you say!  Well….Many little Switch Witches fly to their Halloween Host Homes October 1st! have you ordered your Switch Witch for Halloween?

“Through nighttime skies, they zoom and zip.  Flying high, they float and flip. Switch Witches smile right at the moon, Thrilled to take their October trip”  

I myself can not wait for my child’s Switch Witch to land inside my kids’ bedroom window next week.

“To a window, each Switch Witch soars, Instead of knocking at the doors. Apartments, houses, boats, and farms – They’re great at knowing which is yours.”

So let the fun begin!  My whole family had a blast last October – waking each morning to see if our Switch Witch had moved or played 😉 during the night.  Some mornings my kids woke up to find their Switch Witch camouflaged or in a new Halloween costume.

“Switch Witches love to switch their look, Disguised or hiding in a nook.  Sometimes at night, all on their own, They may goof off or read a book!”

So if you want YOUR child’s Switch Witch to arrive for the start of the Halloween month,  ORDER NOW.

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