October 20, 2015 -

Switch Witch is Going ABC Prime Time

This has certainly been an EXCITING time for Switch Witch!

Have you heard?  Switch Witch will be swimming with the “Sharks” during Prime Time television.  Don’t be afraid! Switch Witch is not being fed to giant fish with razor sharp teeth – instead, they are visiting the impeccably groomed and refined entrepreneurs of the ABC hit show “Shark Tank.” You read that right! This Friday, October 23, 2015 at 9 – 10 pm ET/PT, Switch Witch is going Prime Time.

Several News Media have picked up on the story of our local humble Switch Witch being featured on a nationally syndicated hit show.

The folks at Switch Witch have been hustling about to respond to inquiries from various news media throughout the United States. See some of the spectacular write-ups here. Switch Witch has also been featured on the morning radio show, Monday Morning News.  Check out the LIVE interview here!

Let us not forget that Halloween is only eleven days away!

Switch Witches have been flying off the shelves and into the homes of children across the United States, so if you don’t have your own Switch Witch already – order yours now (click here)!  For those not familiar with the LEGEND OF SWITCH WITCH, you have come to the right place.  You can read all about Switch Witch – the Magical Halloween Tradition – at our website www.switch-witch.com!

Switch Witch working with Operation Gratitude, Teal Pumpkin Project, & JDRF

Amidst this hustle and bustle of  media and Halloween preparation, Switch Witch strongly believes in supporting amazing non-profit organizations which do incredible work to raise awareness of food allergies found in Halloween treats, to find a cure for type 1 diabetes, and to supports our troops overseas.  We at Switch Witch are so proud and honored to be official sponsors of Operation Gratitude and Halloween Candy Buyback – the two admirable organizations which together collect candy to include in care packages for our troops.  A portion of every Switch Witch sold is donated to Operation Gratitude.  Also this year, Switch Witch donated 50 limited edition/signed Switch Witch Packages to the Teal Pumpkin Project in support of their efforts to raise awareness of food allergies. Finally, Switch Witch made a contribution to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) through their participation in Boston One Walk which raised over a million dollars this year for type 1 diabetes cure research!

Thank You!

None of our Switch Witch success would have been possible without the support of our families and friends – and all of the families who have participated in our Magical Halloween Tradition with us.  So THANK YOU!

Happy Halloween 2015!


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