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Will You Be Watching Tonight’s Shark Tank Episode?

Did you plan to watch tonight’s Shark Tank episode?

Be sure to watch Switch Witch’s Rob Bouley and Lara Riley make their pitch to “the sharks.” Here is a SNEAK PEEK video … enjoy!

Will Switch Witch Snag a Shark Tank Deal?!

Do you think Switch Witch and “Shark Tank” will make a deal?!  Find out the day after tomorrow: Friday, October 23 9-10pm on ABC!

Switch Witch is Going ABC Prime Time

This has certainly been an EXCITING time for Switch Witch!

Have you heard?  Switch Witch will be swimming with the “Sharks” during Prime Time television.  Don’t be afraid! Switch Witch is not being fed to giant fish with razor sharp teeth – instead, they are visiting the impeccably groomed and refined entrepreneurs of the ABC hit show “Shark Tank.” You read that right! This Friday, October 23, 2015 at 9 – 10 pm ET/PT, Switch Witch is going Prime Time.

Several News Media have picked up on the story of our local humble Switch Witch being featured on a nationally syndicated hit show.

The folks at Switch Witch have been hustling about to respond to inquiries from various news media throughout the United States. See some of the spectacular write-ups here. Switch Witch has also been featured on the morning radio show, Monday Morning News.  Check out the LIVE interview here!

Let us not forget that Halloween is only eleven days away!

Switch Witches have been flying off the shelves and into the homes of children across the United States, so if you don’t have your own Switch Witch already – order yours now (click here)!  For those not familiar with the LEGEND OF SWITCH WITCH, you have come to the right place.  You can read all about Switch Witch – the Magical Halloween Tradition – at our website www.switch-witch.com!

Switch Witch working with Operation Gratitude, Teal Pumpkin Project, & JDRF

Amidst this hustle and bustle of  media and Halloween preparation, Switch Witch strongly believes in supporting amazing non-profit organizations which do incredible work to raise awareness of food allergies found in Halloween treats, to find a cure for type 1 diabetes, and to supports our troops overseas.  We at Switch Witch are so proud and honored to be official sponsors of Operation Gratitude and Halloween Candy Buyback – the two admirable organizations which together collect candy to include in care packages for our troops.  A portion of every Switch Witch sold is donated to Operation Gratitude.  Also this year, Switch Witch donated 50 limited edition/signed Switch Witch Packages to the Teal Pumpkin Project in support of their efforts to raise awareness of food allergies. Finally, Switch Witch made a contribution to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) through their participation in Boston One Walk which raised over a million dollars this year for type 1 diabetes cure research!

Thank You!

None of our Switch Witch success would have been possible without the support of our families and friends – and all of the families who have participated in our Magical Halloween Tradition with us.  So THANK YOU!

Happy Halloween 2015!


Switch Witch + October = SWITCHtober?!

Did my kids’ Switch Witch “switch-a-zam” my October in to a  SWITCHtober?!  Did October get switched to December?!  I woke up today to a 23 degree morning – complete with frosty snowflakes plastered all over my car.  It’s pretty and all, but I am SO not ready yet for mornings in the 20s.

My family and I went to our favorite local farm stand yesterday, Parlee Farms in Tyngsboro, MA, to pick out our Halloween pumpkins.  As we pulled in to the grassy parking area, it started SNOWING.  Snowing?!  We selected our Halloween pumpkins amidst snowflakes.  What’s that you say? Yup.  SWITCHtober.

Now here’s my biggest Halloween related concern about the weather of a SWITCHtober – other than just wanting to whine and cry about it! – How do we keep our kiddos from not freezing while they trick-or-treat when it’s 23 degrees?!  It can be tricky layering a five year old girl with long underwear under a princess costume you know!  I found this cute blog (click here) from last Halloween, written by a mom in Alaska.  Now, I’m guessing an Alaska living Mama is quite experienced dealing with this cold trick-or-treating issue!

Stay warm everyone!  And… HAPPY SWITCHTOBER!

– Lara Spear Riley

Halloween Traditions and Fun Facts

Switch Witch has researched Halloween traditions and fun facts so that she may share them with you.

All Hallows Eve

Halloween dates back more than 2000 years to the ancient Celtic festival called Samhain – and celebrated on November 1. Samhain was that time of year when the end of harvest was approaching. November 1 marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death. Samhain was a festival to encourage the return of the fertile land after the winter season. In the 8th century, the Christian Church transformed this tradition into All Saints Day, with the night leading up as All Hallows Eve – shortened to Halloween.

Carving Pumpkins

Folklore stipulates that lanterns were left on doorways as a means of warding off evil spirits. However, the reality is that pumpkins were a means of marking a path at night. Celtic traditions include the use of “turnip lanterns”, which were once used in Scotland and Ireland as a way to guide people home from festivals. Pumpkins were later adapted for this purpose.

Bobbing for Apples

Autumn is the ideal time to pick apples, which is why this game gained its association with this season. At some point in our past, most of us have dipped our heads into a water filled basin and attempted to grasp an apple using only our teeth. Few have ever taken the trouble to investigate the origins of this game, which is still known in some Scottish communities as “dooking”. Dooking was a traditional game that was played to determine who would marry next.

Trick or Treat

The “Trick or Treat” concept originated from “Souling” and “Guising” of Medieval Britain.

  • Souling: On All Saints Day, November 2, the needy would beg for little cakes made with raisins and spice – referred to as Soul Cakes. In return, the beggar would pray for the souls of deceased relatives.
  •  Guising: The young would dress up in costume and would sing, recite poetry, or share a joke, in exchange for food or money.

In 19th Century America, Irish and Scotish immigrants revised these traditions – which today’s US youth have come to know as “Trick or Treating”.

To learn more about this Favorite Time of the Year for Switch Witch, visit HISTORY CHANNEL History of Halloween.

Watch Switch Witch on “Shark Tank”

Switch Witch is pleased to announce that we will be featured on the hit show, “Shark Tank”, on Friday, October 23 at 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT on ABC. Be sure to tune in and support our magical Halloween Tradition!

Visit SHARK TANK now to learn more about this exciting hit show.

Switch Witch Author Walks For Type 1 Diabetes

Hello from Switch Witch author, Lara Spear Riley. A more personal post today: This past weekend, supporting and walking for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes was amazing for me both professionally and personally. 6 months ago (a year AFTER I wrote Switch Witch), my 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Her first morning home from the hospital was Easter, and I suddenly realized very acutely how difficult candy-driven holidays can be for many families – not just those dealing with diabetes, but other situations as well, like allergies. Yes, my daughter can still eat sweets! – but every gram needs to be counted or measured and then matched with artificial insulin. Needless to say, I quickly realized that a huge pile of candy laying around the house after Easter – or Halloween! – was going to be a challenge in ways I had not had to deal with before.

As a result of this huge life change to our family, I have become part of the JDRF “family” – and I have to say that JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is an AMAZING organization filled with caring, warm, hardworking, and dedicated people. I have had the privilege of working with the New England chapter of JDRF the past 6 months. This past Saturday, we at ‘Switch Witch’ supported the JDRF fundraising efforts by hosting an informational table about Switch Witch at the huge Boston One Walk event.  Although it felt like the middle of winter that morning! it was incredible and emotional to be part of an event with 10,000 people (together raising over one million dollars!) – all passionately believing in a world free of type 1 diabetes.

Then on Sunday of this past weekend, I took part in another JDRF fundraising walk on a personal level – with my family and dear friends.  To walk the 5K in Lancaster, MA, we joined up with 3,000 other people – and all together we raised over $100,000 to go towards type 1 diabetes research.  It was a truly amazing experience for my whole family, but especially for my daughter, to be around so many people whose lives are affected by type 1 diabetes.  The sense of community and support was incredible, and it gave me a great deal of hope for the future – for my daughter’s future.

Switch Witches Flying Tonight For October!

It’s October Eve! So you just might catch a glimpse of some Switch Witches flying in their magic cauldrons tonight!  Lots of little Switch Witches will hop in their magic cauldrons tonight to go visit with children until Halloween.  By the light of the moon, they will land at kids’ window ledges all over the country and wait for their friends to wake in the morning!  Throughout the month of October, Switch Witches will continue to fly to host families!

Did October catch you by surprise and you don’t have a Switch Witch for your family yet?  Order one today!

Switch Witch Is Now PRIME – Amazon Prime

Switch Witch has gone PRIME. Amazon Prime.

The saying goes, “membership has it’s privileges”.  Throughout the Halloween season, Amazon Prime members will enjoy the privilege of FREE shipping with their Switch Witch orders.  We are currently offering 2-day FREE shipping for Amazon Prime members and FREE 5-8 day shipping on orders over $35.00.

Give the gift of Switch Witch this Halloween Season using your Amazon Prime benefits.


Switch Witch Supports FARE & Teal Pumpkin Project

Free Switch Witches for FARE walkers!  We have donated 50 signed Switch Witch packages to FARE – Food Allergy Research & Education – a wonderful non-profit organization which “works on behalf of the 15 million Americans with food allergies, including all those at risk for life-threatening anaphylaxis”.  FARE is using our donated Switch Witches as gift incentives for walking teams to raise more money.  So it’s a win-win! We are so excited that 50 of our little Switch Witches will be visiting new families – and most likely families dealing with food allergies who could maybe use some help from their new Switch Witch!

We at Switch Witch know that it can be super tough during the holidays – like Halloween – when you have a child with food allergies.  Switch Witch is here to help!  While the Teal Pumpkin Project is doing an amazing job to raise awareness about food allergies and allowing kids with allergies to trick-or-treat more safely, there are still many, many homes that will be giving out treats with common allergens in them.  What to do with that candy?!  And how to do it in a way that isn’t sad or difficult for your child who can’t eat them?

Switch Witch!!   After trick-or-treating, kids can pile up a bunch of their candy (including any that they may not be able to eat anyway!) and leave the pile with their Switch Witch.  Then while the kids are asleep, their Switch Witches will magically (wink!wink!) turn the candy piles in to gifts!  Ta Da!

To learn more about FARE, their Teal Pumpkin Project, or to find a FARE walk near you, visit the FARE website.


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