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Every year, in the beginning of October, many many young Switch Witches say goodbye to their parents, hop in their flying cauldrons, and go visit kids (like you!) for a long sleepover play date! During the weeks leading up to Halloween, you should be a kind host to your own Switch Witch. In exchange for a nice visit, your Switch Witch will turn some of your Halloween candy in to a gift! Maybe your gift will be a new book, a toy, sporting gear, a new backpack, or even a gift certificate for a special outing with a grownup you love. Switch Witches are very clever and imaginative – yours will know just what you would love for a gift! Then off they all fly – back home to their own families – until next Halloween when they will return to visit again!
Well, just like every person is different, every Switch Witch is different too! Some Switch Witches don’t mind if you touch them and play with them, but others would prefer to be left alone – just like some kids like hugging or wrestling, and other kids don’t! A grown-up in your home can help you know what is okay with your Switch Witch.
Think of it this way: your Switch Witch is visiting just like a friend would come over for a sleepover or a play date. When you have a friend over, of course you are sure to be kind and polite so that your friend will want to stay – and come back again some day! It’s the same with your Switch Witch! When you are respectful and nice, your Switch Witch will have a great time and will want to stay until Halloween – and also come back next year!
Switch Witches don’t just like to switch candy for gifts – they love to switch themselves too! They love, love, love dressing up – just like you do for Halloween!
It’s fun! Switch Witches are a bit mischievous! Also, Switch Witches don’t sleep as much as kids do, so while you’re asleep your Switch Witch might change in to a new costume or disguise, and find a good hiding spot. They love a good ol’ game of hide-and-seek!

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