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Switch Witch Author Walks For Type 1 Diabetes

Hello from Switch Witch author, Lara Spear Riley. A more personal post today: This past weekend, supporting and walking for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes was amazing for me both professionally and personally. 6 months ago (a year AFTER I wrote Switch Witch), my 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Her first morning home from the hospital was Easter, and I suddenly realized very acutely how difficult candy-driven holidays can be for many families – not just those dealing with diabetes, but other situations as well, like allergies. Yes, my daughter can still eat sweets! – but every gram needs to be counted or measured and then matched with artificial insulin. Needless to say, I quickly realized that a huge pile of candy laying around the house after Easter – or Halloween! – was going to be a challenge in ways I had not had to deal with before.

As a result of this huge life change to our family, I have become part of the JDRF “family” – and I have to say that JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is an AMAZING organization filled with caring, warm, hardworking, and dedicated people. I have had the privilege of working with the New England chapter of JDRF the past 6 months. This past Saturday, we at ‘Switch Witch’ supported the JDRF fundraising efforts by hosting an informational table about Switch Witch at the huge Boston One Walk event.  Although it felt like the middle of winter that morning! it was incredible and emotional to be part of an event with 10,000 people (together raising over one million dollars!) – all passionately believing in a world free of type 1 diabetes.

Then on Sunday of this past weekend, I took part in another JDRF fundraising walk on a personal level – with my family and dear friends.  To walk the 5K in Lancaster, MA, we joined up with 3,000 other people – and all together we raised over $100,000 to go towards type 1 diabetes research.  It was a truly amazing experience for my whole family, but especially for my daughter, to be around so many people whose lives are affected by type 1 diabetes.  The sense of community and support was incredible, and it gave me a great deal of hope for the future – for my daughter’s future.

Switch Witches Flying Tonight For October!

It’s October Eve! So you just might catch a glimpse of some Switch Witches flying in their magic cauldrons tonight!  Lots of little Switch Witches will hop in their magic cauldrons tonight to go visit with children until Halloween.  By the light of the moon, they will land at kids’ window ledges all over the country and wait for their friends to wake in the morning!  Throughout the month of October, Switch Witches will continue to fly to host families!

Did October catch you by surprise and you don’t have a Switch Witch for your family yet?  Order one today!

Have You Ordered Your Switch Witch for Halloween?

October 1st is only ten days away!  Why are we mentioning October 1st?!  “What’s the big deal??” you say!  Well….Many little Switch Witches fly to their Halloween Host Homes October 1st! have you ordered your Switch Witch for Halloween?

“Through nighttime skies, they zoom and zip.  Flying high, they float and flip. Switch Witches smile right at the moon, Thrilled to take their October trip”  

I myself can not wait for my child’s Switch Witch to land inside my kids’ bedroom window next week.

“To a window, each Switch Witch soars, Instead of knocking at the doors. Apartments, houses, boats, and farms – They’re great at knowing which is yours.”

So let the fun begin!  My whole family had a blast last October – waking each morning to see if our Switch Witch had moved or played 😉 during the night.  Some mornings my kids woke up to find their Switch Witch camouflaged or in a new Halloween costume.

“Switch Witches love to switch their look, Disguised or hiding in a nook.  Sometimes at night, all on their own, They may goof off or read a book!”

So if you want YOUR child’s Switch Witch to arrive for the start of the Halloween month,  ORDER NOW.

Why Switch Witch Supports Operation Gratitude

Why are Switch Witch and Operation Gratitude such fabulous partners?

Well, let’s start with the amazing mission of the national non-profit Operation Gratitude: “Operation Gratitude seeks to lift spirits and meet the evolving needs of our Military and First Responder communities, and provide volunteer opportunities for Americans to express their appreciation to all who serve our nation”. One of the ways they accomplish their mission is to annually sends 150,000+ care packages filled with snacks, hygiene products, hand-made items, and personal letters of appreciation to U.S. troops deployed overseas. AMAZING!

….And that’s where Switch Witch swoops in to partner and support! At Halloween time, when all the little Switch Witches have done their magic – and parents find themselves with lots of candy on hand, they can ship it directly to Operation Gratitude so a sweet taste of home can be included in the troops’ winter care packages! How perfect is that?! It’s a win-win-win-WIN for everyone involved: kids, parents, switch witches, and the troops!

Plus, as an official sponsor of Operation Gratitude, Switch Witch is donating a portion of every Switch Witch sold to this wonderful organization.

Here are quotes from two grateful troops: (provided by Operation Gratitude Founder, Carolyn Blashek)

“We are overwhelmed with appreciation for the box of candy provided by the Halloween Candy Drive donations. Well done and thank you so much…”

“I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan and just received a tremendously generous package from your organization!! I think perhaps it was the most fun package I’ve received to date! I’ve been hoping that someone would receive Halloween candy soon and I was quite pleased with my luck to be the first! It was hard, but I shared with my co-workers…”

So. Save a shipping box. Save this link for simple instructions about sending your extra candy to Operation Gratitdue. And join our team!

Switch Witch Loves to Color

Switch Witch has a fun summertime project for you!

Switch Witch loves to color and is inviting you to visit her FACEBOOK PAGE and participate in a summertime coloring project. It is rather simple and you will be entered to be one of five lucky winner of the complete Switch Witch Package!

  1. Go to the COLORING PAGE to download and print a copy of either image.
  2. Color the downloaded page however you want.
  3. Scan the page as an image into your computer.
  4. Upload the image to our Facebook page.
  5. You may also email entries as an attachment to rob@switch-witch.com

So go ahead. Have some fun. Share your creativity. Be entered to WIN!

Home of Switch Witch Gets a Makeover

We are happy to announce that Switch Witch’s home has just undergone a makeover.

We wanted to create a more interactive website that will encourage children from around the world to visit our page and be entertained.

For example, when you receive your new Switch Witch, be sure to visit our website and register your Switch Witch.  Or maybe you like to color? Download our coloring pages and hover over the samples on our websites for some color ideas! Watch some of our fun videos that tell the story of Switch Witch and some of the efforts we support – such as Operation Gratitude.

We will be routinely posting events and updates of Switch Witch’s travels. We encourage you to submit your own updates so that we may share them with other children all over the world.

If you are like most children, you tend to use your mobile devices more than a laptop.  No problem! Switch Witch is mobile friendly!

So, be sure to bookmark this website and check back often, you never know what may happen next!

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